Discover a Coaching Service That Fits Your Needs

Discover a Coaching Service That Fits Your Needs

Leadership & Career Coaching
for Working Moms

25% of organizations have no women in leadership positions.
– Knowledge Center

Tap into your leader within and flourish.

Are you ready to be empowered?

Take the lead of your career.

“Shar has been an amazing mentor and coach to me. She has been coaching me for 2 months now, and I have already gained so much valuable advice and knowledge from her that I can apply to my career.”

Are you stuck and finding it difficult to move past any of these challenges…

  • You are unhappy and unfulfilled in your current role.
  • You know there is more for your career than where you currently are.
  • You want career advancement, but don’t know how to move up.
  • You are unclear of your next move and don’t have guidance.
  • You are struggling with taking action because you don’t know where to start.
  • You want to gain more confidence and seek more for yourself.
  • You are overworked, underpaid, and unsure of how to advocate for yourself.

Did you answer yes to any of these questions?
You are not alone.

…and you don’t have to tackle your challenges alone.

It’s time to be empowered

What if we told you that you could…

  • Be empowered in a new role where you are happy and fulfilled making a greater impact in your organization.
  • Be empowered to find a rewarding position in the industry of your dreams.
  • Be empowered in your career with a clear plan, expert guidance, and a defined starting point.
  • Be empowered with confidence and take action to discover more possibilities for your career.
  • Be empowered to be paid what you deserve and advocate effectively for yourself.
  • Be empowered to find a more flexible work environment that allows you to have the autonomy to care for your family.

“Through Shar, I’ve learned how to communicate my expectations appropriately within my career and how to go after what I want confidently. Her coaching and her perspective has been inspiring and instrumental.”

We are here to provide coaching, guidance, and a clear path to help you reach your goals faster and with less risk.

Utilizing our framework, you can expect to receive reliable tools to grow your leadership toolbox, step-by-step thought partnership, goal setting, accountability, and creative suggestions catered to your career path.

We offer several programs to develop you as a leader.

“Shar offered much more than simple coaching advice, she offered immediate changes. Since working with Shar I think bigger and expect much more from myself and others.”


Follow Her Lead™
Group Coaching Program

An 8-week experience designed to help working moms flourish and maximize their leadership skills, navigate challenges with wisdom and confidence, and build careers you love without compromising self-care.

  • Find Your Leadership Voice and Career Clarity - Be equipped with knowledge, skills, and tools to help you know what to do and how to lead through it.
  • Feel Abundantly Confident - Through our conversations, you will learn to navigate the voices of doubt and imposter syndrome to lead with wisdom and confidence.
  • Be EMPOWERED in Your Calling - While building the career you love, you will be challenged to grow in your personal leadership and have a greater sense of purpose for your work and your life while practicing self-care and self-love.

“Shar has been such an inspiration for someone like myself,

a young woman who has just walked into corporate life.”


Who should apply?

You should if...

You are an ambitious mama who…

  • Aspires to move into leadership, or is a new to mid-level manager.
  • Wants to drive your own career advancement and create opportunities for yourself.
  • Strives for increased confidence and visibility.
  • Wants to become proficient at navigating discomfort and obstacles.
  • Wants to strengthen your network and find mentorship and support.
  • Recognizes the value of self-care to advance personally and professionally.

Interested in applying for Follow Her Lead™ ?

The program will open for enrollment in July 2022

moment of truth

Private, hands-on career coaching for professional women - Get the expert help you need to stretch higher, advance powerfully, build your confidence, and reach your most thrilling professional goals and impact.

Are you looking for strategic coaching on a specific career or leadership related issue?

If so, then a Moment of Truth™ session is exactly what you need.

Moment of Truth™ Coaching Sessions

One-on-one sessions for urgent or isolated situations. Sometimes life just happens and you need clarity without a long-term coaching engagement.

  • Received a call for a high-stakes job interview and need to prepare?
  • Imposter syndrome is holding you back from seeking your next big opportunity?
  • Have a meeting with HR about advancement and need to make sure you shine?
  • Need to deliver tough news to a direct report and want a clear strategy?
  • Need a resume and cover letter review prior to submitting for your dream role?
  • A new opportunity has come up and you need a voice of reason?
  • Unable to make the right choice from all the options in front of you?
  • Wanting more impact in your community (and the world)?

Let us EMPOWER you! Let us help!

  • These sessions are designed to help you through challenging situations with a career coach to assist you along the way.
  • You’ll leave your Moment of Truth™ session with greater confidence, clarity, insight, and an action plan for you to keep forever.
  • Get the advice and insight you need when you need it.

Interested in booking a Moment of Truth™ Session?

Be EMPOWERED in Your Career, Be EMPOWERED in Your Life!

Let’s work together to break through what’s holding you back and cultivate the foundation for a flourishing career.

Like most ambitious working moms and professional women, you are not necessarily looking for more information. You already have lots of that. You want real results, real transformation!


Let’s work together to help you gain self-awareness, clarify your goals, achieve your development objectives, unlock your potential, and ignite action for a flourishing career transformation. Ultimately, a life transformation.

We will help you cut through noise and confusion to develop and implement a result-oriented plan to achieve your goals and truly flourish in your career.



Do you need to figure out what you want to do next in your career - Right now?!

  • Are you the type of person who loves to get everything done and OFF your to do list?
  • Do you have some awesome opportunities coming down the pipeline and you need to get your resume done, yesterday?

Join me for a Private VIP Day!

We accomplish in one day what 3 months of coaching would achieve!

A full day dedicated to Y-O-U! We'll give your career the focus and attention it needs in order to catapult you into success and fast-track your job search. 


You'll leave the day feeling confident, excited, and ready to apply to, interview for, and land your dream job.

  • Are you daunted by the job search process and need to create clarity fast?
  • Do you want to get your resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn squared away in one day?
  • Do you believe that successful career women invest in themselves?

If you answered YES to any of those questions

our VIP Day is for you!

Ready to Take the Next Step?
Enhanced skills.
Increased performance.
Increased pay.
Flourishing, lasting impact.

They’re all within you – and what we pride ourselves on bringing out of you.


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